Fluffy Frenchies

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Origin of the Long-Haired French Bulldog

Long-haired French Bulldogs have the recessive ‘L4’ gene.

When two Frenchies have this gene and are bred, they pass it to their offspring giving their Frenchie puppy two copies of the long hair gene. This results in producing that long hair.

Since this gene is a recessive trait, there is no genetic dominance. This means that two Frenchies with one copy of the long hair gene can be bred and have a long-haired dog. But this doesn’t mean that both parents actually display the long hair trait.

Since it is a recessive gene that maybe one or a few lines carried, it is said that it could have remained undetected for 100 plus years. Now, with the advancement of DNA testing it has become easier than ever to isolate the recessive genes and breed them to produce more fluffy frenchies! Check out this picture from the 1930’s!

Fluffy Bulldog Puppies Coming February 2022

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Looks & Personality

Long-haired French Bulldogs are like every other Frenchie when it comes to their body size, shape, bat-like ears and their lovable personality.

However, their coats are what defines them from the rest.

They have medium-length wavy hair that covers their ears, head, back, and chest giving them a unique fluffy look. Our Fluffies’ hair feels so soft, almost like corn silk.

The maintenance is just as low as the standard French Bulldog: same bath time, ear cleaning and nail trims. The only difference is we like to blow-dry our Fluffies.

Fluffy Frenchies

Meet the Parents


  • Full Fluffy
  • Lilac fawn
  • DNA: Ayat, dd, coco, Ee, L4 – 4 genetic health panel clear
  • Stud Fee: $5,000

Blue Buddha’s Millienaire

  • Carrier of Fluffy gene
  • Lilac fawn
  • DNA ayat, coco, dd, Eme, L4

No Nose Giselle

  • Blue and tan trindle
  • DNA atat, dd, Coco, Ee, Kn, nn L1

Fluffy Frenchie Program

We have spent the last year researching endlessly on who will be our foundation for our Fluffy program. We hope you can be patient with us as we grow. We want to make sure our Fluffy Frenchies have the best lines that demonstrate, above all:

  • health,
  • conformation and
  • sound temperament.

This will be a process that we are taking slowly and hope you understand what our goal is for this new line.

Our Fluffy Frenchie Puppies will be coming February 2022.

We would like to introduce the beginning of our Fluffy family!

Fluffy Frenchies

Need to Know


Price Starting At ……………….. $15,000

AKC Registered (Pet) – Full rights can be available for select dogs and homes.


Deposit ……………….. 10% of price

Deposit is required to hold a puppy with the remaining balance due at 8 weeks of age. Deposits are non-refundable. Puppies are 8 weeks of age when they are ready for their forever home. Deposits can be paid by cash, cashier’s check, Zelle, credit card, Cash App, or through PayPal.

Financial assistance

I decided to team up with Terrace Finance to offer my buyers the peace of mind of not having to worry about coming up with a large lump sum all at once, but still have the dream of becoming an amazing Frenchie owner. Terrace Finance allows flexible payment options as well as a Skip-a-Payment option and Early Payoff option!

Minimum Requirements

  • Photo ID showing that you are at least 18 years old
  • Minimum Annual Gross Income of $12,000
  • Valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN)
  • Valid Email Address & Phone Number
  • Electronic Payment Method
  • Credit score of 550 or higher

​I have the right to refuse any transaction. If you think this might be a good option for you, send me a text at 386-576-4710 so we can discuss if one of my babies is the right fit for your family.

Finance Application


You may come pick up your fur baby at our home or we have a reputable shipping nanny who will personally fly them to you for a small fee. We are flexible and can meet you in the middle as well. Our goal is to get them to you safe and sound.


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