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Why Do I Cost so Much?

The number one question any Frenchie breeder gets asked

Why do I cost so much?

Answer: There is a lot involved in the price of a well-bred French bulldog. First and foremost, Frenchies are essentially a man-made breed. For the most part (there are exceptions) they cannot breed naturally so the breeder must breed them by artificial insemination. This is a task that a lot of us do ourselves or we will pay our trusted vet to do for us. Now, with that being said, since they are being bred artificially it can be difficult to know exactly when the female is ready to receive “The Goods” from the male. For this we take our girls to the vet to get their progesterone levels measured via blood collection that must be sent off to a lab. When the results come back depending on what the number level is, the breeder can generally tell when the female will be receptive to “The Goods”. These tests run anywhere from $120-$225 average. Sometimes one test isn’t sufficient so as many as 3-5 tests must be done. Frenchies are not the easiest to nail down as far as ovulation so typical breeding methods don’t always work unfortunately.

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Ok so the girl is bred, now what? Now comes the long wait… For 60-63 days we are watching our girls like a hawk. Did they take? Ultrasounds ($85.00)can be performed early on around 26-30 days to confirm pregnancy. Folic acid should be given to the expecting mom to prevent cleft palates. When the big day arrives the biggest expense of all comes: The C-section ($2,000.00-$3,800.00). MOST Frenchies cannot deliver their babies naturally due to their large heads, chests, and small pelvis. They are a “pear shaped breed”, meaning they are big in the front and small in the back, so this makes it difficult for babies to pass through the birth canal. Some females will never have an issue delivering naturally, others may be able to and have problems with one getting stuck in the birth canal next time. It’s not worth it in most cases to even let them try. If a baby gets stuck in the birth canal, you are now putting the baby’s and mom’s life in jeopardy.

Ok, so the babies are here, the hard part is over, right? WRONG! Sometimes we get lucky… Sometimes we can sleep… But for the most part we must stay with the new babies and moms 24/7 for several weeks to make sure they are nursing, gaining weight, not aspirating milk into their lungs and so forth. We are literally on lock down pretty much only able to leave our homes for short periods of time. Otherwise we are taking a risk of losing babies. Moms are not always the brightest when it comes to their precious babies. A lot of the time, they will unknowingly lay on their babies or overzealously care for them to the point of licking them or cleaning too much. Many breeders only allow the babies with the mother while nursing for this reason.

Other expenses that should not be taken lightly are vet checks which includes health testing, food, toys, bedding, etc. Average for the litter ($4,500.00-$5,000.00)

So, the bottom line is they are more expensive because well-bred Frenchies must have countless hours of devotion to each litter and thousands in expenses as well.

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