The Ladies

We have hand-picked top quality, healthy females
to produce the best-looking French Bulldogs for families.

Bailey Baye

Bailey is a special girl who was produced by our retired Princess Piper. Bailey is just like her mom and is a ball full of energy. She’s always happy to see you & loves to travel. Bailey lives with my brother Chris and his family. She gets to travel weekly around the southeast with Chris for work looking at beautiful log cabins.
DNA: a/a, Bb, Dd, n/ky

CoCo Chanel

Coco is a spoiled girl. She’s gets to go with her guardian parents to work every day and has tons of people to play with her. She is always happy to see you & loves to play. Coco will be in our 2021 program.


Chocolate Brindle

Darcey is our second-generation from our girl Tootsie. She is so playful and loves her stepbrother who is a boxer.  Darcey has a happy personality and is always up for kisses and sofa time. We are excited to bring her into our program this year.



Gamora is a perfect girl! She loves kids, other animals, tubby time, and her guardian family who spoils her rotten.  We are excited to bring her into our program this year.


Lorelei – If your looking for lots of kisses and loves this is the girl. Lorelei has a vibrant personality and loves to hunt for lizards. She is lucky enough to go to work with her guardian mom and dad every day. She is the daughter of our retired female Princess Piper. DNA ay/at Bb, Dd, n/EM, Ee


Mia – If your looking for lots of attention and energy Mia is it! Mia has a happy fo lucky personality and loves to be around her family.  Mia will be in our 2021 breeding program.

Millie Bean

Millie Bean is one of our 4th generation females.  She is sweet and caring. She loves to play with anybody that will play with her and sleep under the covers.  Millie has a wonderful guardian mom and they travel up and down the east coast together.


Nala is our third generation of her mothers bloodlines (Leia) in our program. We are welcoming her into our 2021 breeding program. We are excited to see this next generation grow and what amazing babies we can share with you.
DNA: At/At, Coco, Dd

Lady Godiva

Godiva is a deep chocolate with white on her chest.


Violet is a Irish Pied

DNA: a

Sumo’s Sophie

Sophie loves to give kisses. She is the happiest when she is around her family. She is a lizard chaser and will always be by your side when hitting the sofa! Sophie is a co-own with our friend Julia and lives with her and her family. She is our 3rd generation female and are very excited on how she is turning out.


Leia is our black and tan off of our retired female Princess Piper. She is such a sweet girl and lives with her guardian mom Katy. She shares her home and toys with her step sisters Jem, and Bella.
DNA: At/At, Bb, Dd, nS


Samara is one of our new babies from Russia. She is 6 months old and such a sweet baby girl. She is smart and a quick learner on anything you as of her. She loves lap time and being held. We will be introducing her to our 2021 program.


Scarlet is our beautiful 17lb red girl from Gold Sierra Kennel in Hungary. She is full of energy and love. Her favorite time of the day is playtime with all the frenchies, but her partner in crime is Maui. Scarlet will be in our breeding program in 2020.



Kaysi is a dark solid blue girl, our good friend Mary has chosen to be her guardian parent. Kaysi has 1 other Frenchie to play with all day long there. She loves being outside and antagonizing her guardian brother.



Maddie came from a friend in Hungary and we couldn’t be any happier on how she is turning out. She is blessed to stay in a guardian home right down the road with a little girl who spoils her.  She loves going for walks and playtime with her neighbor our Pricilla and Zena.


Zena is one of our darkest blue babies, our good friends Jen & Mike have chosen to be her guardian parents. Zena has 2 other frenchies to play with all day long there. Elvis and Pricilla who is in our program as well. She loves being outside and antagonizing her guardian sister Pricilla.


Fibi is our loving standard pied female. We are lucky to have her and her brother Fabio in our breeding program for 2020.  Her favorite things to do are collecting toys to hide them from her other playmates and going for a walks with me.  Fibi has a funny disposition with her goofy antics and always makes us laugh.


Bluebell is our 3rd gneration female offspring from Maydays lines. Her favorite things to do be with her human family and going for a walks.  Bluebell is energetic and has a funny disposition with her goofy antics that always makes us laugh.


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